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MediaFlix HD - TMDB Based Movies & TV Shows App


Discover Endless Entertainment Track Movies, And TV Shows on MediaFlix HD App


Movies From TMDB In An User-Friendly Experience.

TV Shows

All TV Shows, Seasons And Episodes In An Unique UI.

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Intuitive, Visually-Appealing Navigation.


Fully Automated, Server-Less Project.









Effortless Cinematic Bliss : Serverless Android Project

Discover the ultimate Android app code on sale! Enjoy endless Movies & TV Shows with a serverless, no-hosting-required solution. Experience automated link crawling, robust encryption, Firebase support, and real-time notifications. Transform your streaming experience today!

  • Save big: automated serverless eliminates hosting costs.
  • Earn more: control multiple ad networks via Firebase.
  • Effortless updates: latest movies, TV shows auto-added.

Project Details

App's Highlighted Features & How It Works

Seamless Serverless Project

MediaFlix HD's serverless architecture eliminates costly hosting fees, allowing you to save money while enjoying uninterrupted streaming. By implementing this cutting-edge technology, you maximize profits while delivering a superior user experience.

Empowered with Firebase

Harness the power of Firebase Analytics to track user behavior and optimize your app experience. Utilize Firebase Remote Config to effortlessly control ad networks from anywhere, giving you unparalleled flexibility and convenience in managing your revenue streams.

Captivating Material Design

MediaFlix HD boasts a stunning Material Design interface, inspired by industry giants like Netflix and Apple TV+. Immerse users in a visually appealing experience that rivals top streaming platforms, setting your app apart from the competition.

Optimized for Android Studio

MediaFlix HD is expertly crafted in Java, fully compatible with the latest Android Studio, and features a modular, easy-to-understand structure. Seamlessly navigate, modify, and maintain the codebase with confidence, ensuring your app remains cutting-edge and adaptable.

Innovative Web Crawler Integration

MediaFlix HD's powerful web crawler scours the internet, effortlessly fetching streaming links for movies and TV shows. Provide your users with a diverse array of content without manual intervention, ensuring a continuously updated and engaging entertainment experience.

About Project

MediaFlix HD is a cutting-edge Android Movie & TV Series app crafted with native Java, offering an efficient serverless solution that requires no hosting or admin panel. Experience the convenience of automated web crawling for content updates, and benefit from several features, anti moding protections, and more. Our commitment to well-structured code, sophisticated design, and seamless functionality makes MediaFlix HD the ultimate choice for an effortless and cost-effective streaming app experience.

Main Features

Experience MediaFlix HD's remarkable features for an unparalleled streaming app experience.

  • Design Inspired by Netflix and AppleTV+.
  • App Can Be Configured For Any Language (English, Spanish, etc).
  • Add to Favorites Support.
  • Supported Video Formats: mp4, mkv, m3u8, mpd, YouTube, & Embed.
  • Search For Movies. TV Shows Or Celebrities.
  • OneSignal Notifications Supported.
  • Beautiful Home Screen, Discover, Movies, TV Shows, & Settings pages.
  • Filter Movies/TV Shows by Genre, Year, Region, Sorting Order, or from a Specific OTT App.
  • Toasts & Alerts for Improved User Interaction.
  • Android 5.0 to Android 13 Support.
  • Auto Import Movies & TV Series Data from TMDB.
  • Serverless App: No Hosting Required.
  • Multiple Ad Networks with Firebase Control.
  • Anti-Mod Protection & Play Store Upload Bypass.
  • ExoPlayer & Embed Video Support.
  • Web Caster Support To Let User Chromecast Any Movie/TV Show to their TV.
  • Quality Selector, Audio Selector, Subtitle Selector & Brightness/Volume Control.
  • Online Subtitles From Opensubtitles Support.
  • Offline Storage Subtitles Support.
  • Automatically Added Movies/TV Shows Streaming Links.
  • In-App Updater.
  • Apps/Hosts Ad-Blocker Protection.
  • DNS Based Ad-Blocker Protection.
  • Firebase Analytics Support.
  • Add Your Own Links Via JSON Or Firebase Realtime-Database.
  • Share Any Movie/TV Show.
  • Continue Watching From You Left Supported.
  • Clear Continue Watching History.

Supported Ad Networks

  • AdMob Banner & Interstitial Ads.
  • AppLovin Banner & Interstitial Ads.
  • StartApp Banner & Interstitial Ads.
  • Unity Interstitial Ads.
  • Wortise Banner & Interstitial Ads.
  • ExoPlayer VAST IMA Video Ads.
  • Control Ads via Firebase Remotely.

What you get?

  • Full Android Source Code.
  • Project Documentation.
  • Free Set Up.
Last Update: 20 March 2023
Language: Java
Supports: Android Studio
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Visually Appealing UI For an Optimal Experience.